Getting Started With Essential Oils: A Franklin-Sense Guide

Getting Started With Essential Oils

A Franklin-Sense Guide 

Welcome! Perhaps it was the intoxicating smell from a diffuser, the pleasing sensation you felt from a massage, or simply seeing essential oils on the shelves of your local supermarket that aroused your curiosity and brought you here. But what are essential oils? How are they used? Do essential oils really work? Which ones should you choose? This post will answer these questions and help you on your path to getting started with essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural occurring oils which exist on everything from the outer peel of fruits, to seeds, bark, leaves, flowers, herbs, roots, resins (gums, sap), etc. People use various, precise methods of extraction to collect the oils in their purest form and ensure that the chemical compounds remain intact. These precious, concentrated oils exemplify the very essence of the source from which they are derived. What makes these oils so essential, is that they are nature’s defense mechanism to fight off disease, viruses, & bacteria.

How Are Essential Oils Used?

For many people, the most intimidating aspect when getting started with essential oils is knowing how to use them properly.

Essential oils are most widely used for their aromatic benefits; however, the purest essential oils can be used topically and many can be ingested as well. The resulting effects of applying essential oils can be quite profound (as I can personally attest to through my own experiences). I have seen these oils do some truly incredible, powerful healing – and quickly too.

In upcoming posts, I will share with you some of the ways that I’ve used essential oils to heal various ailments (both for myself and others). I’ll explain how I use them to improve overall wellbeing and for culinary and dietary purposes as well. So stay tuned!


Apply a couple drops in palms, rub together and inhale or use a diffuser.


Most oils can be applied neat with no carrier oils and are easily absorbed by the skin.

Orally (Ingesting)

Can be added to foods & drinks, or put in capsules and swallowed, or even dropped under your tongue.

Now there are some who say that essential oils act merely as a placebo…

to them I say,

“If essential oils are placebos – then they are placebos that WORK.”

Did you know that placebos work in up to 60% of patients with almost every kind of symptom? If the power is really in believing, then I personally would rather believe in the efficacy of a natural substance over some chemical created in a lab. Unlike essential oils, pharmaceutical drugs usually come with a long list of side effects that can be much worse than the problem you’re trying to solve! At least try to heal your ailment first using natural essential oils and if it isn’t effective, then pop a pill. Nature deserves the first opportunity.

What if you try an essential oil and it doesn’t fix the exact health issue you were hoping it would? The worst that can happen is you have little bottles of pure aromatic amazingness that make everything smell so much better afterwards. Moreover, depending on which oils you have, things will taste much better as well. Rest assured though – the therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been well documented over the centuries.

The reality is that if essential oils weren’t effective, then I wouldn’t have been using them for so many years.

The Market is Flooded With Essential Oil Companies – How to Choose the Right One?


Important things to consider when shopping for essential oils:

  • Are the oils being sourced responsibly and sustainably?
  • Are the products really what they’re claimed to be?
  • Were the oils tested and validated by a third party?
  • Is the company transparent?

Franklin’s Choice

My Personal Recommendation

I’ve tried many different brands of essential oils over the years. Through my experience, I’ve personally found doTERRA essential oils to be the most effective in treating a whole variety of things. Not only that, but I think they smell way better than other brands I’ve checked. I started using doTERRA essential oils in early 2013 and have been a member ever since.

I choose doTERRA for many reasons including:

  1. All of their oils are 100% pure, natural, and free of contaminants.
  2. These oils aren’t diluted or blended with any fillers or synthetic ingredients of any kind.
  3. Their oils are tested rigorously by a third party to ensure they are the of highest quality and that the chemical compounds are intact. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).
  4. Significant wholesale discounts are available to their members in addition to a generous rewards program.
  5. doTERRA makes a hugely positive impact on the communities in which they source product.
  6. My family LOVES them!


Simply put, I believe doTERRA essential oils are of the highest quality that you can find on the planet. Period. They are not the cheapest option in the market. However, the confidence I have in their products and the benefits totally outweigh the costs. I can be absolutely sure that I’m getting the best bang for my buck. A little drop goes a long way!

The Bible of Essential Oils Books & App!

Visit My personal doTERRA Website and Get Started With Essential Oils Today

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