Using Lavender Essential Oil On My Child’s Skin Rash

Using Lavender Essential Oil On My Child’s Skin Rash

Here Because Of A Skin Rash?

Does your child have a rash and you are wondering how to treat it? What should you do? Maybe you are searching for a naturopathic treatment for rashes? Or perhaps you’re here simply because you are getting started with essential oils and want to know how they can be used. This article is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Neither is it a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor. This post is based purely on personal experience and opinion. Continue reading below to find out how I used lavender essential oil on my child’s skin rash to heal it naturally.

The Sudden Skin Rash On My Child

In early February, our family took a road trip from Bangkok to Sangkhla Buri, Thailand, a distant province on the border with Myanmar. On the way while we were driving, my son suddenly developed a red rash with welts on his face and body. Almost two years old at the time, he had never really had a rash before up to that point (besides a mild diaper rash maybe once or twice as an infant). Being so hot outside, we figured it was heat rash so we used a cool, damp cloth and tried to keep him cool in the air conditioning. However, the rash kept getting worse and spreading all over his body – face, neck, arms, legs, etc. We were really worried about our child!

How To Know If Our Child’s Rash Was Serious?

This situation was happening during the rise of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic; so we were trying to avoid going to the hospital, where we felt that the risk potential for exposure from other people infected with the virus was much greater. Despite our concern over visiting a hospital during a pandemic, we decided it was the best course of action to stop and have him checked out as the rash looked so uncomfortable. Especially because we didn’t know what the quality of medical care was like in the remote place where we were going.

After asking us many questions, the nurse told us that the rash was definitely not a food allergy. Further, our son was in good spirits and didn’t have a fever either so that ruled out other diseases. She thought it might be more of a skin irritation due to the laundry detergent we used or something like that. We didn’t think that was the cause though because we had been using the same detergent all along with no ill effects. At the consultation he was prescribed an antihistamine, but we decided to wait and give it to him later because it was supposed to be taken after a meal. Our worries were eased (albeit temporarily) and so we continued on our journey.

Waiting To Treat Our Child’s Rash

Our son took a nap, and the rash got a bit better. After he woke up, it got worse again. We arrived at our hotel and gave him a cool shower, he got a bit better. We went out for dinner, the rash got worse again. Got back to the room and gave him another rinse in the shower and again he seemed to get better so we were thinking the rash would go away on it’s own naturally and never gave him the antihistamine medication. My family doesn’t believe in giving/taking medicine unnecessarily. Off to bed.

Around 4 am we woke up to him scratching wildly all over his body which was all broke out in hives. The rash of swollen, red bumps was the worst at this point that we had seen yet…

Using Lavender Essential Oil On His Rash

Around 4 am we woke up to him scratching wildly all over his body which was all broke out in hives! The rash of swollen, red bumps was the worst at this point that we had seen yet. We tried to get him to stop scratching but it was so itchy he couldn’t stop! We considered giving him the antihistamine medication but again faced the take-after-a-meal timeframe dilemma.

At that point I remembered I had pure lavender essential oil in my bag. I knew that lavender essential oil is well-documented for treating inflammation, allergies, itching, diaper rash, burns, etc. and has natural antihistamine properties. So I went and got the lavender oil and I rubbed it all over his body, wherever there was rash on his skin. I wish I had done it sooner as the relieving effects were immediate. Not only did that lavender essential oil ease the itchiness and stop him from scratching, it helped him feel relaxed and sleep so much better.

The Results Of Using Lavender Essential Oil

He slept really well after that and when we woke up in the morning a few hours later, we were amazed to see that the rash was totally gone! Not even one red spot! No scars or any evidence whatsoever that he had even had a problem in the first place. And it never came back again after that. We still don’t know exactly what caused the rash but totally believe it was the lavender essential oil that saved the day.

I hope I never have to see my son looking like he did that day ever again. It was killing me to see him so miserable and I felt so helpless, worried, and confused about what caused this rash. If it ever does happen again though – to him, me, or anyone else – I will definitely remember to try lavender essential oil to treat a rash, right away. Have you ever experienced something similar? Any guesses as to what caused the rash you see in these photos? What are other ways you’ve used lavender essential oil? Your comments & feedback are welcome below.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is based on personal preference & experience, provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any diseases, illness, or conditions. These statements have not been evaluated or validated by the Food and Drug Administration. I am not a doctor, nor prescribing anything. I’m just sharing the ways I’ve personally, successfully treated health issues in the past. What worked for me may not work for another.

Note: Some people can have an allergic reaction to lavender essential oil. Please test a spot on your skin using a small drop first to make sure it doesn’t cause irritation. Please see FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Lavender Essential Oil

Can You Put Lavender Essential Oil Directly On The Skin?

Yes you can, especially if it’s 100% pure essential oil. And it’s highly recommended for most people. Although uncommon, some cases have been reported where people have an allergic reaction to it. You’re more at risk if you have Eczema. And you should watch out for other chemical frangrances, carrier/filler oils, etc. that are added in. It’s best to buy 100% pure essential oil and dilute as you feel using high quality pure fractionated coconut oil.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Antiviral?

Although lavender essential oil has shown antiviral activity against Herpes simplex virus type 1, lavender essential oil is most known for it’s Analgesic, anticoagulant, antidepressant, antifungal, antihistamine, anti-infectious, anti-inflamatory, antimicrobial, antimutagenic, antiseptic, antitumor, cardiotonic, regenerative, and sedative properties. 

Why Does Lavender Make You Sleepy?

Lavender essential oil has been used throughout the centuries for its sedative effect and to promote relaxation and better quality of sleep. Science has come a long way in validating these effects. Click Here for more info. One of the constituents of lavender essential oil that is likely to cause sleepiness/relaxation is linalyl acetate.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lavender Essential Oil?

Although uncommon, Lavender essential oil may cause an allergic reaction & possible skin irritation in some individuals, especially those already diagnosed with Eczema. Discontinue use immediately if you experience nausea, vomiting, or a headache after using lavender essential oil.

Is Too Much Lavender Oil Bad For You?

Absolutely. Too much of anything is most likely a bad thing. Be safe and always use the lowest effective dose. One or two drops of 100% pure essential oil goes a long way. It’s powerful stuff! 

How Can I Use Lavender Essential Oil?

Lavender essential oil has a very wide range of common uses. It can be applied neat topically (put directly on skin), aromatically (inhaled), and orally (ingested). Too much info to list here – I recommend taking a deeper dive at NIH or for an easier read check out this book Modern Essentials.

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