Introducing Rue-si Dat Ton

Welcome to a ‘Virtual Wat Pho’ so to speak – as our goal is to collect as much information about Rue-si Dat Ton as we can and share it with the world. Learn all about this transformative, ancient system of self care right here. Enjoy! 

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Statue of a Ruesi, seated with soles of feet & palms together, showing an RDT technique on a sala at Wat Pho in Bangkok.

What is Rue-si Dat Ton? What is its History and Origin?

Discover Rue-si Dat Ton – an amazing Thai system of self-care that’s origin is mysterious and history vague. This healing wisdom laid the foundation for…

Original statue of a seated Ruesi with elbows on raised knees & hands on sides of face at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok.

Why is Rue-si Dat Ton Going Extinct?

Imagine thousands of years of valuable ancient wisdom fading out of awareness. That’s what’s actually happening… But why is Rue-si Dat Ton going extinct?

Cover of the Samut Thai Dam of Ruesi Dat Ton at the Thai National Library - The oldest known text on the subject of RDT.

Samut Thai Khao/Dam: The Oldest Text on Rue-si Dat Ton

It’s nearly impossible to learn Rue-si Dat Ton from an authentic Rue-si. Textual info about RDT is also not easy to come by. The Samut Thai Khao/Dam is..

Here, Franklin teaches you how to do Rue-si Dat Ton (Wat Pho Technique #1) to relieve tension headache & giddiness on video.

Learn Rue-si Dat Ton – An Ancient Thai System of Self Care

Rue-si Dat Ton is an ancient Thai system of self care techniques designed to relieve various ailments in the body. Click here to learn Rue-si Dat Ton!

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek out and gather all knowledge pertaining to Rue-si Dat Ton from legitimate sources far and wide. We plan to consolidate and refine the information, address the extinction issues stated on our website, and put it into digital form. This ensures not only that it will be preserved, but that its healing wisdom will be accessible around the world. We aim to fulfill the dreams of Kings. We greatly appreciate any and all support in this seemingly impossible quest that has been riddled with complications throughout the centuries. Thank You.