How To Make a No-Sew Face Mask At Home

THE SIMPLE DIY FACE MASK GUIDE: How To Make a No Sew Face Mask at Home

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“Necessity Is the Mother of Invention” – Plato

When the novel coronavirus Covid-19 first started gaining attention, many parts of the world started panic buying masks which caused a major supply shortage. They were sold out almost everywhere! In the early stages, the CDC and other major health organizations advised healthy people to not buy masks because they wanted to ensure that sick people and frontline healthcare workers had access to them. But people bought and wore them anyways because they thought, “If a mask protects healthcare workers, won’t it protect me as well?” The short supply of masks means people have no choice but to get creative and learn how to make a DIY face mask.

So what to do if you can’t get a hold of the commercial N95, surgical, or medical face mask which should be reserved for use by healthcare professionals and frontline workers? People are asking where to buy face masks or how to make your own DIY face mask or face coverings… “Can I make my own face mask from what I have at home – like with a bandana, handkerchief, scarves, or some kind of clothes?Absolutely. It’s quite easy really!

No Sewing Skills Needed For This Do-It-Yourself Face Mask

Some of my family members actually sewed a few super professionally-made cloth masks for my baby and I which fit really nicely on us. One set even has the nose wire fitted into them. I’m delighted by what people can make in the world of DIY face masks. The one that I like the most is made from organic cotton with a pocket slot for a PM2.5 filter or HEPA filter.

However, you don’t need to have sewing skills just to make your own mask. You may be surprised to know that you can make a mask with things you already have at home. As in this case, simple bandanas or handkerchiefs are used for making this style of DIY face mask.

I am all for this method because these face masks are washable/reusable, adjustable, and stylish. You can adjust the length and how the mask fits on your face and around your ears. Change the style of your mask using different color fabric patterns, hair bands, etc. while mixing and matching them to go with your outfit for the day. Mix and match two different colors for your ear pieces (hair bands) if you really wanna get crazy. You don’t have to sacrifice your style just to be safe and protect others. In fact, your face mask can be the coolest fashion accessory of the year! Okay, let’s get started and make our own DIY face mask!

Prepare Your Materials

What you’ll simply need

A Piece of Fabric

A bandana, large handkerchief, scarf or a similar sized piece of cloth will do just fine.

Elastic Bands

Grab a couple hair bands/hair ties, rubber bands, or a roll of elastic banding.

Filter (optional)

A PM2.5 or HEPA filter can be inserted if you have one, but it’s not necessary. 

Quick Preview OF DIY Mask

I’ll Explain In More Detail Below




Fold Again

Add Bands





Prepare Your DIY Space

Before You Start:

  • Clean and sanitize your working surface ie. your desk, floor, or working space.

  • Wash your hands. Yes, the simplest step that a lot of people seem to forget – The most important step is to wash your hands thoroughly and properly.

  • Sanitize your hands. I add this extra step to ensure maximum hygiene!

Got Soap?

Dr Bronners soaps are my personal choice of Hand washing/sanitizing solution for my family. This company has amazing values and thier products speak for themselves!

Follow These Steps

Begin Making Your DIY Face Mask:

Step 1

Fold Horizontally

Depending on the size of the bandanas or cloth you have, sometimes you can fold in halves (as above) or in thirds (as shown here). In this case, I fold it in half first and then again in thirds. Do whatever makes the best size fit for your face.

NOTE: This is where the slot for the filter is made available. Insert your PM2.5 or HEPA filter (if you have one) in this step.

First steps of making a DIY face mask

Step 2

Add Bands

Insert the cloth ends into two hair bands or rubber bands, one on each side (left and right). If you have the proper white elastic bands, please feel free to use them. The great thing about the roll of elastic band is that you can choose the length but you need to sew it or tie ends in a knot.

NOTE: If the bands are too tight or close together, they’ll pull hard on your ears and you’ll know you need to make an adjustment.


Second step of making a DIY face mask

Step 3

Fold & Tuck

Fold left and right ends over the bands to meet in the middle. Make a pocket in one side by opening it up. Insert one side into the other side’s pocket. This is when you can test your different pairs of hairbands and why we prepare a few pairs to start with. Test it on your face for a proper fit.

NOTE: We have come across some super tight or super loose hair bands. But worn out hairbands seem to work best as new ones are often too tight.

Third step of making a DIY face mask

Step 4

Make Adjustments

Take the hair bands and test them on both of your ears to make sure the mask fits snuggly. Otherwise, go back and adjust the width and length of your face mask/face covering in Step 3.

NOTE: It may take a few tries and some playing around with until you get it right, but once you learn it’s quite easy to repeat the process. Have fun!



Fourth step of making a DIY face mask

Step 5

Enjoy Your Face Mask

That’s all there is to it! Congratulations, you’ve now got a new DIY face mask that works great and was made with zero waste.  Have fun using different fabrics to make unique designs that compliment your outfit for the day. Enjoy your DIY face mask/face covering!

Enjoy your DIY face mask designs

Stock Up On Supplies

I Recommend the Following Products:

We recommend only the finest pieces that we can find and that we would personally use ourselves. Our criteria is always choose the organic material first, if it’s Eco-friendly and sustainable and fair trade then it’s a plus. We also consider the value of the product as a whole, whether this is the best possible quality for the price being offered. And of course with love and to save you time!

PM2.5 Mask Filters

The filter is equipped with activated carbon and five layer protection. Even helps protect against air pollution as well as germs. It’s perfect for all types of masks, especially DIY masks!

Cool Cloth Prints

This multipurpose cloth is soft and gentle enough for a baby so of course it’s good for our face too. It’s made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton and lightweight! The awesome part about this is you can make into a bib, face mask/ face covering, etc.

DIY Elastic Band/Cord

This is the round, fluffy 1/8 inch white braided elastic band that can be used for many DIY projects, and in this case – for your DIY face mask. It’s the most comfortable option.

Got Basic Sewing Skills and Want to Level Up Your DIY Mask Ability?

There are some great books out there on how to make your own DIY face mask if you can sew. I personally recommend this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Wearing a Face Mask

When To Wear A Mask Outside?

It’s important to wear a mask outside when you are close to others and are unable to practice safe social distancing. You don’t need to wear a mask if you are all alone.

Does CDC Recommend The Use Of Facemasks Or Face Coverings To Prevent The Coronavirus Disease?

Absolutely. The CDC recommends people to wear a mask. For more info please visit thier website.

Does WHO Recommend Routine Wearing Masks For Healthy People During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Absolutely. The WHO recommends wearing a mask. Read more on their website.

Are Masks Effective Against the Coronavirus?

Masks are a top way to protect against the coronavirus. Recent research suggests that if you want to protect yourself, you need to wear an N95 mask and eye shield. However, you can easily protect others from getting the virus from you (if you don’t even know you have Covid-19) by wearing a simple bandana face covering, stopping 99% of germs right at the source.

Why Wear A Mask For Coronavirus Covid-19?

The primary reason to wear a mask for Coronavirus Covid-19 is actually to better protect other people. The reason is that so many people are asymptomatic or carrying Covid-19 for two weeks and more and spreading the virus without even knowing it. Wearing mask would greatly reduce the rate of transmission.

Where Can I Learn More About Preventing The Spread Of The Novel Coronavirus Covid-19?

This post by the Harvard Medical School is very detailed and helpful regarding preventing the spread of the coronavirus.