Wearing a Face Mask: An Issue of Personal Rights???

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Currently, in America, there is a lot of confusion & controversy over wearing a face mask in public. Multitudes of people are concerned that their basic human rights are being violated by many of the laws that have sprung up recently in an effort to minimize the damage and spread of the Covid-19 virus. But, let’s start by examining this from a purely logical, unemotional, and factual basis.

A very short-sighted viewpoint from the beginning has been that wearing a face mask is all about protecting yourself, from others. It is a fact that people can be carrying the virus for up to two weeks and not even know it or be totally asymptomatic. If a person unknowingly has Covid-19, the best chance they have of not spreading the virus to others, is by wearing a face mask and frequently washing their hands. That means… wearing a mask helps protect other people from catching the virus that you might not even know you have. Put another way – you are being careful & considerate of other people and doing your part to help slow the spread of this often undetected virus.

Health Issue vs. Personal Rights Issue

At its core, wearing a face mask is really a health issue about being considerate towards your fellow brothers and sisters and looking out for the greater good. So why has this suddenly become an issue of freedom and personal rights??? Because too many people aren’t taking the responsibility on themselves to protect others from a virus that they might be carrying and not even know it. The net effect is, the virus spreads exponentially and therefore laws and rules get made because those people now have to be told or forced to be considerate towards others. What started as advice, quickly became a mandate.

Now, nothing bothers me more than when the exception becomes the rule. It happens all of the time in our society and it’s very frustrating. I agree it isn’t right that people have to be forced to care for and look out for others. People should take that responsibility on themselves willingly to avoid laws like these becoming necessary infringements on our rights.

While you’re talking about your rights, and as the tiny particles of your saliva are entering other peoples eyes, noses, and mouths and infecting them with Covid-19…

About Your Rights…

Is it your right to go around in public shooting bullets at everyone you come in contact with, just because you think they are blanks and not real bullets? While you’re talking about your rights, and as the tiny particles of your saliva are entering other peoples eyes, noses, and mouths and infecting them with Covid-19… all because you truly believe that you’re virus free and shouldn’t be required to wear a face mask? Does your taking a stand for your rights really excuse the potentially devastating consequences of your actions? Does the burden weigh less on your conscience because you have something important to prove?

A Case Study Comparison From Where I Am

Why am I writing this? Because I care deeply for all of my fellow human beings and I want this pandemic to end as soon as humanly possible. I’m writing this blog from Bangkok, Thailand. Why is that relevant? Because Thailand was the first country to report a case of Covid-19 outside of China, where the outbreak first began. Because Bangkok is a huge metropolis, home to roughly 10.5 million people plus another 4 million people in the surrounding metro areas. Thailand is a favorite tourist destination, especially for people from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and many of the first countries to have had the largest initial outbreaks of Covid-19. So why has Thailand and Bangkok in particular been spared the tragic infection rate and death toll of a city like New York?

Official Covid-19 Case Count as of May 11th, 2020

The answer for me is absolutely clear: the widespread use of masks. The Thai people took the imminent threat of this virus very seriously from day one.

Wearing a Face Mask Has Made All the Difference

The answer for me is absolutely clear: the widespread use of masks. The Thai people took the imminent threat of this virus very seriously from day one. The first case in Thailand was recorded on January 13th. I have pictures going back to the third week of January showing people wearing face masks everywhere I went. Not all, but most. Even if their goal was simply to protect themselves, they were actually unknowingly protecting others from themselves. As the information & virus spread, so did the use of face masks. The majority of Thais didn’t need the government to force them to wear a mask as they took the responsibility upon themselves. You can hardly find a single person not wearing a mask in public in Bangkok today.

The American Mentality Towards Wearing a Mask Has Shifted

To be honest, it’s been quite painful to watch my fellow Americans from a distance. I can’t tell you how many times Thai people and friends from other nations around the world asked me, “What’s wrong with Americans? Don’t they take this virus seriously???” The answer was abundantly clear from my conversations with people back home that most did not. It took major widespread consequences to finally get people’s attention – but it was too litttle, too late. Drastic measures were taken. Now, the mentality has shifted from ‘I need to do my part to protect myself and others…‘ to ‘Nobody can tell me what to do!’  – – – Even if it costs others their lives.

I love, respect, and deeply appreciate those of you who are concerned about and protective of our fundamental rights as human beings; and especially those who are ready to take a stand and defend those rights. Thank You. Please continue to fight for those rights and our freedom, always. As a fellow freedom fighter and compatriot, please consider my request:

I implore you, beg you; If you want this pandemic to end – PLEASE WEAR A FACE MASK IN PUBLIC! 

Not because it’s a rule or law. Take the responsibility on yourself and do your part to stop this thing from spreading further. With this particular Coronavirus, I personally believe wearing a face mask is more effective than social distancing measures. Please wear a mask with the understanding that you might be carrying the virus unknowingly, and through being proactive, you are potentially saving untold numbers of people from catching it from you. Your action ensures that the road to recovery (in terms of health and economy) will be much faster as a result. If everyone simply wore a face mask in public for one month, we could all go safely back to work and to our normal lives again. The threat of this virus would soon be but a past memory, and an important lesson learned in how we deal with inevitable threats like this in the future.

Make the right decision for yourself and others to wear a face mask, so others don’t have to make it for you. After all, aren’t there much more pressing human rights violations happening to Americans and others all around the world every day that need more attention?

Please – Wear a face mask, and save others.

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Response to MY BODY, MY CHOICE movement. Of course it’s your right to not wear a mask. Out of consideration for others though, please wear one in public anyways during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Thank you. YOUR CHOICE affects MY BODY and those I love dearly!

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