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The Spirit Of Indigoneba

The word INDIGONEBA is a fusion of combined words from both English & Georgian. It was first coined in the summer of 2014 by David Dzotse. The meaning has evolved to symbolize the following:

Indi represents independence, freedom, and artistic expression.

Indigo is the color of the 6th Chakra which relates to the third eye. This is the color of divine wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, creativity, intuition, and higher self/mind. It is also synonymous with Indigo Children. Key characteristics of indigo include: finding balance, being a practical idealist, feeling responsibility for one’s self and to their soul purpose, having a sense of unity, being faithful & devoted, and rising above one’s ego.

Goneba means ‘mind’ in Georgian and refers to the mental and corresponding emotional activity of human beings.

Neba means ‘will’ in Georgian and relates to the force required to control the mind which is derived from the five senses.

An INDIGONEBA person is someone who has enough willpower to control their monkey (primal) mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a self-sustaining, global ecosystem with collective effort using the Indigoneba mindset to deliver genuine safety, security, and hope to humankind. We aim to build a decentralized, socially responsible platform that upholds ethics of truth, transparency, freedom, equality, balance, and provides a deeper sense of inter-connection and quality of life for all. Built on a foundation of integrity and adhering to these core principles, new pathways are opened which will catalyze a major, necessary transformation of the current social, political, technological, education, and economic systems.

Our Vision

We visualize a future where a free, united human race can co-exist, co-create, & co-evolve in peace and harmony, as equals. Carrying this vision with us into the future impacts both our individual actions and the decisions we make as a collective whole. We faithfully believe this utopia is possible through consistent, focused manifestation of reality by enough people to cause a tipping point.

Our Team

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David Dzotse


Dr. Cornelius Fischer

Molecular Biologist 

Franklin Evan Kiley


The Colonel Sean

Chief Strategist

Indigoneba Productions

INDIGONEBA is a spiritually centered, independent media production company – the union of professionals specializing in narrative feature and documentary films, TV, Digital and New Media content etc. INDIGONEBA  helps provide the resources and supervision to bring creative artists’ vision to reality. We encourage creators to reach their highest potential of entertaining and educating audiences. Our goal is to collaborate with other production companies, independent film investors, and philanthropists to create powerful visual content and bring it to as wide an audience as possible.

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