Why Is Rue-si Dat Ton Going Extinct?

Why Is Rue-si Dat Ton Going Extinct?

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Underscoring the importance of the ancient wisdom known as Rue-si Dat Ton, is the action taken by UNESCO to include The Epigraphic Archives of Wat Pho into the Memory of the World Register in 2011. Sadly though, and despite the tireless efforts of so many, this ancient knowledge is slowly fading away from awareness and is in real danger of extinction. So why is Rue-si Dat Ton going extinct? There are multiple factors that contribute to this which include:

Why Rue-si Dat Ton is Going Extinct

The Nature of Rue-si 

As Rue-si prefer to live in quiet seclusion, it is an extremely rare event that a person will ever encounter an authentic one. Additionally, their knowledge is passed down by oral tradition to an apprentice, not a classroom. This means that maybe only a single serious student will come along who will eventually replace a Rue-si who passes away. In fact, some estimate that there may only be a handful of legitimate Rue-si still alive in Thailand. Unfortunately for us, they aren’t out there making Youtube videos, teaching workshops, or even writing anything down!

The Epigraphic Archives of Wat Pho

Besides that though, the mindset has shifted greatly from looking inward for answers, to looking outwards. Simply put – it’s easier for most people to pop a pain pill than to learn how to relieve that pain with a technique.

Inconsistency in Spelling of “Rue-si Dat Ton”  

This problem occurs through the phonetic translation and conversion of the Thai language into the Latin Alphabet. Because of this, Rue-si Dat Ton has literally been spelled in so many ways it’ll make your head spin such as: Rusie Dutton, Ruesri Dat Ton, Reusi Da Ton, Rue See Dut Ton, Rusie Datton, Ruesri Datton, Reusi Dat Ton, Rue See Dad Ton, Rusie Dat-ton, Rue Sri Dut Ton, Lusie Dutton, Rue-Si Dat Ton, Rusri Datton, Lusie Datton, Rue-Si Datton, Rusie Dotton, Ru Si Datton, Reusi Datton, Rue See Dat Ton, Rasi Daton, Lucy Dutton… etc. Is your head spinning yet??? The spelling I’ve chosen to adopt (Rue-si Dat Ton) is the one used by the WatPo Thai Traditional Medical School. It is absolutely critical that one spelling is agreed upon and universally adopted if Rue-si Dat Ton is to survive. After all, how can this incredible system be researched, promoted, taught, & marketed effectively otherwise?

The Individual Techniques Lack Specific Names by Which They Can Be Identified  

Imagine going into Yoga class and the instructor says, “Okay, now move into the Wat Po 18 Positions Style – Technique number 13. Inhale….” Or even worse by using the original poems as written in the Samut Thai Khao such as, “Rue-si Aa-Yan was ordained, like brahman, carrying his stuff everywhere through the forest. Having gas, so he put his stuff down to stretch….” How is that going to flow? Mountain Pose. Down Dog. Cat. Cow. You get the idea! Tai Chi has names for each of its various styles and forms. What makes Rue-si Dat Ton so much different is that a single technique can be prescribed to treat specific ailments, but the technique doesn’t have a common, identifiable name. This must change if Rue-si Dat Ton is to become more widespread.

The Influence of Western Medicine in Thailand and Throughout the World 

When a person becomes ill in society today, they go to the hospital which is usually very accessible. Unless they happen to live in an extremely rural village area that happens to be in a close enough proximity and has access to a real Rue-si. Besides that though, the mindset has shifted greatly from looking inward for answers, to looking outwards. Simply put – it’s easier for most people to pop a pain pill than to learn how to relieve that pain with a technique.

Help Save Rue-si Dat Ton From Going Extinct!

If you wish to save this amazing wisdom as much as we do, there are many ways you can help. Firstly, please join the discussion. Your engagement is super important – we know that energy flows where attention goes. Second, feel free to suggest easily identifiable names for each of the techniques. This can be a really fun process! Third, read our mission below and if you know of any sources of information regarding RDT, please connect us! Most importantly, Keep Practicing Rue-si Dat Ton!

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek out and gather all knowledge pertaining to Rue-si Dat Ton from legitimate sources far and wide. We plan to consolidate and refine the information, address the extinction issues stated above, and put it into digital form. This ensures not only that it will be preserved, but that its healing wisdom will be accessible around the world. We aim to fulfill the dreams of Kings. We greatly appreciate any and all support in this seemingly impossible quest that has been riddled with complications throughout the centuries. Thank You. 

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